Do You Own Commercial Property? Do You Pay U.S. Federal Income Taxes? Would You Like To Get A Tax Credit OR A Tax Refund?

Do you own Commercial Real Estate?

Do you own Investment or Rental Properties?

Have Leasehold / Tenant Improvements?

You can Save $1,000’s  …Actually, You Can Save TENS OF THOUSANDS!


Cost Segregation Study: Is It Worth It? The Answer is 1,000 times YES!  Article: 

Please Watch Our Short NEW Video:

Then please let me know what you think.  I appreciate ALL Feedback.

AUDIO:  As heard on the Sean Hannity Program

LISTEN:  Cost Segregation Podcast

For more information, call the Home Office at (972) 865-9050 – OR –

Call me directly  TOLL-FREE @ 1-888 TOM-ESPER


FORM:  Start Here to get your FREE No Obligation Review and Benchmark Analysis.

The more information you can give us about your property, the more accurate our analysis will be in regards to your savings. 

Client Questionnaire FORM: 

Click to access free-no-obligation-review-form-and-questionnaire-9-17e2.pdf


Hey, It’s YOUR Money… Why Wait???



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